Our Story

Welcome to Southern Restorations! Daniel and Kelly were both working separately in the industry for the first two years of their marriage. Daniel had long worked as a general contractor and handyman in Halifax County, and Kelly had been working as a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer for 15 years in Richmond and Roxboro. After collaborating on a few projects, they saw the opportunity to focus on the area that raised them both.

We started with only three people, Daniel, Kelly, and Trip. We have been blessed to have been consistently busy enough that we have been slowly building our team over this last year. Kelly, Jessica, and Sam work the showroom. Kelly and Sam put the customers’ dream into designs, and help them choose from the crazy amount of options out there. Jessica is the Money Maven who keeps track of it all! Daniel, Trip, and Chad make it all happen on the jobsite.

Our Team

Daniel Payne

Daniel Payne

Lead Woodsman

Kelly Payne

Kelly Payne

Diva In Charge


Chad Laughorn

Lead Fisherman


Trip Womack

Eye Candy


Sam Knapp



Kayla Hite

Don’t look directly at her.



Just Ryan

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